About Us

C&S Hydro-Huts is a family-run hydroponic farm proudly owned and operated by Stewart and Cheryl Fry. The greenhouse is located on 2 acres in the rural community of Otis Orchards, Washington, just minutes from downtown Spokane. It is currently the only commercial hydroponic lettuce operation in the Spokane area offering nutritious, high quality, fresh greens to local residents and businesses 365 days a year.

Both of us are experienced business owners, so we decided to start a hydroponic farm only after careful examination. We both agreed that any new business we started must have low environmental impact, the service or product must be unique to the area, and we must be able to give something back to the community at the same time. Building a hydroponic greenhouse where we could raise produce year round just made sense.

The kit we purchased from CropKing™ was delivered in September of 2008, and with help from hard-working family and friends, the 44x136-foot greenhouse was fully operational within two months. Stewart admits, “Building it ourselves means we know the location and purpose of every pipe, tube, and wire in the system.”

You can find fresh C&S Hydro-Huts products in local grocery stores like Yokes, on the tables of premier restaurants such as the Latah Bistro, Hay J’s Bistro, the Wild Sage American Bistro, all four restaurants at The Davenport, and at local Farmer’s Markets. A growing number of local residents are regular C&S customers as well.

Our Greenhouse

The C&S greenhouse has a 7,000 plant capacity and includes:

Compared with traditional farming, these hydroponic plants develop faster and produce higher yields, and we can harvest year round. Our produce contains higher nutrient levels and superior flavor because we pick it at the peak of ripeness and deliver it fresh locally.

The entire greenhouse system is automated, computerized, and monitored constantly to optimize growing time. The watering system contains precise amounts of nutrients, which are delivered to the plants on a timer. The PH level is closely monitored and adjusted as needed based on plant requirements. Heating and cooling is regulated automatically to maintain the perfect growing environment.

Computerized records means that if we discover a problem with any of the plants, we can analyze past records, pinpoint the problem, and make adjustments to watering times or nutrient levels immediately. Plant health is maintained quickly and accurately.